50 top pornstars of all time

The AVN editorial staff decided to really go out on a limb and select the 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time. In compiling our list, we took into account a number of criteria – popularity, ability, impact, mainstream acceptance, longevity and last but not least, good old fashioned looks. After much collective back and forth, we determined that the 50 performers we settled on all have one or more of those qualities. Other than saying it was done democratically, we’ll spare you the arcane details as to how we came up with the final order.
We concede right at the top that such lists are highly subjective. Undoubtedly, you’ll agree with some of our choices, and just as undoubtedly, you’ll disagree with others. That’s why we have a monthly letters to the editor page. But please don’t take this thing too seriously. It is, after all, designed primarily to entertain, educate, provoke discussion and perhaps most importantly – since many titles are included in our stars’ bios – to help retailers fill in some gaps in their inventories. Now read on and let the great debate begin. (From AVN thank you )
1. Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy
406 Movies
Ron Jeremy is the most recognizable porn ambassador to the world.
From his first impression in 1978 when a girlfriend of his sent his nude photo to Playgirl magazine for its “Boy Next Door” feature to his current status as a Metro contract player, Jeremy has been in the public eye as an adult performer for over 20 years. He brings a professional actor’s energy and vitality to everything he does, from hosting a nude beauty pageant to performing a small part in a music video to doing a sex scene with a girl who wasn’t even born when he got into the adult business.
Virtually everywhere he goes, he is recognized.
“It’s like going someplace with Jesus,” one porn writer said after taking a late-night excursion with him to a restaurant. “Everybody wanted to shake his hand, and the crowd parted before him as he walked through them.”
Aside from his lengthy porn career, performing in over 1,600 productions and directing more than 100, Ron has also worked in mainstream, acting in small parts in dozens of studio and independent films and music videos. He was also a consultant on the mainstream films Boogie Nights and 9 1/2 Weeks.
Most recently, the AVN Hall of Famer’s life has been examined in the documentary film, Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, which opened in art theaters in November FIND ALL RON JEREMY MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

2. Jenna Jameson
Jenna Jameson
440 Movies
Jenna is hands down the most popular porn queen of all time, and small wonder. With her killer kisser and bodacious bod, the breathtaking blue-eyed blonde is the ultimate XXX wet dream.
But she’s way more than just that. A cultural phenomenon whose celebrity extends well beyond Silicone Valley (thanks in part to her E! Channel appearances and a scene in Howard Stern’s Private Parts), the former Wicked/current Vivid contract girl is arguably the key ambassador in the mainstreaming of adult. Hell, even people who don’t watch porn know who she is.
Her first Vivid release, Briana Loves Jenna, is an early odds-on favorite to be the year’s best selling/renting tape. And such critically acclaimed Wicked productions as Dream Quest, Flashpoint and Conquest remain popular, as does her website www.clubjenna.com. Very few stars – adult or otherwise – are identifiable merely by their first name. Jenna – AVN’s 1995 Best New Starlet – is one FIND ALL JENNA MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

3. John Holmes
John Holmes
120 Movies
John Holmes was (and still is) the king of porn. The crown was heavy on his head and his fame didn’t shelter him from the self-destructive tendencies that ultimately were his downfall. His 13 1/2-inch cock is one of porn’s landmarks, a physical monument that Holmes wielded with pride as he blazed a trail that every other man who fucks on camera follows.
He was the first male porn superstar and he remains the most famous male porn performer ever. He played porn’s first continuing character, Johnny Wadd – a hardboiled, hardcore detective who scored with every chick who crossed his path, and he made hundreds of other films. Holmes was a gangly, skinny man who came across as non-threatening with a crooked, warm smile, and audiences just couldn’t get enough of his work. He wasn’t a pretty guy and that bonded him with viewers who wanted to fuck in their fantasies through his big cock. It is hardly a surprise that the mainstream’s most successful movie about adult, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 Boogie Nights, was loosely based on Holmes.
Holmes was a chronic liar, but one who used his real name in his movies, as he was proud of them. Big cocks come and go, but 13 years after his death from AIDS, Holmes’ continues to tower above all the rest. FIND ALL JOHN HOLMES MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

4.Traci Lords
Traci Lords
2 Movies
An industry pariah, Traci Lords almost brought it down single-handedly in the mid-1980s when it came to light that she had performed in dozens of titles while underage.
All of Lords’ underage work was immediately pulled from the market and destroyed, costing the industry millions of dollars. As a result, more stringent proof-of-age requirements were instituted industry-wide and remain in effect to this day. A single title she made after hitting her 18th birthday – Traci, I Love You – is her sole adult tape one can view legally.
After being shown the adult door, Lords used her notoriety to launch a successful mainstream acting career, garnering roles in, among other films, John Waters’ Cry Baby, the Wesley Snipes vampire thriller Blade, and the Sci-Fi Channel series First Wave. Her most famous role, however, that of 1980s underage porn queen, is mentioned nowhere on her official Website biography

5. Linda Lovelace
Linda Lovelace
5 Movies
Thirty years after Deep Throat made her the first female porn star, Linda Lovelace remains among the most well known names in adult film history. Her starring role in the Gerard Damiano classic made her an instant celebrity; she was the world’s first porn star and an emblem of ’70s porno chic. Almost overnight, she went from the shady, illegal world of early New York underground loops to appearing on talk shows and making the scene at the Playboy Mansion; as documented in Eric Danville’s recent book The Complete Linda Lovelace, she became a part of the American pop culture lexicon.
During her porn heyday, Lovelace soaked up the limelight as a self-proclaimed nympho, but her 1979 book Ordeal presented a radically different version of events. Stating that she was the victim of coercion and abuse at the hands of manager Chuck Traynor, Lovelace emerged as one of porn’s most outspoken opponents. She testified against the industry and followed Ordeal with another memoir, Out of Bondage.
Though Lovelace remains firm in her anti-porn stance, she did pose for a layout in the January 2001 issue of Leg Show… go figure FIND ALL LINDA LOVELACE MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

6. Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Chambers
33 Movies
One of the main figureheads of the ’70s Golden Age, Marilyn Chambers made her first impression in the Mitchell Brothers’ classic 1972 film Behind The Green Door, following that dialogue-less performance with an impressive acting performance in The Resurrection of Eve the next year. These porn performances contrasted with the pert-young-mother image she projected on the box of Ivory Snow that she had posed for as a model a while before, leading an embarrassed Procter & Gamble to redesign the box with an illustration.
In the afterglow of porno chic she appeared in such mainstream B-movies as Rabid, directed by David Cronenberg, and The Angel of H.E.A.T., but she kept working in adult as well, and surprised many people by signing a VCA contract in 1998, making Still Insatiable, Dark Chambers and Edge Play with fellow Golden Age performer, now director, Veronica Hart FIND ALL MARILYN CHAMBERS MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

7. Ginger Lynn
Ginger Lynn
178 Movies
For many who fondly remember the “golden age” of adult video in the early 1980s, one star stands out above all: Ginger Lynn. An excellent actress, Lynn made just 75 features, several as the first Vivid Girl, working for the company she helped found. Lynn was the quintessential “girl next door;” a beauty whose sexuality smoldered just below the surface until it exploded on-screen with such famous partners as John Holmes, Jerry Butler, Jamie Gillis and John Leslie, for directors like Bruce Seven, Henri Pachard, Alex deRenzy and Greg Dark, and most recently, Veronica Hart.
“I never thought of myself as a star in general,” Ginger said in a 1999 interview. “So to say I’m a living legend – I think of myself as Ginger Lynn Allen from Rockford, Illinois; I made some movies, had a great time, and so, the whole star status, the whole ‘legend’ thing is kind of a surprise to me.”
In 1986, Ginger moved on to Hollywood, where she had starring roles in the Vice Academy series, in Bound & Gagged: A Love Story, and had lesser parts in a variety of TV shows and movies. But without mega-star status, mainstream work was always hit-and-miss, so in 1999, she decided to return to the industry that still idolized her.
“Just because I fuck on film doesn’t mean I can’t act,” she said in response to charges that she couldn’t make the grade in Hollywood. “But let’s be realistic here: If Hollywood would have given me Meg Ryan roles, I wouldn’t be doing porno again.” FIND ALL GINGER LYNN ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

8. Vanessa Del Rio
Vanessa Del Rio
80 Movies
Back in the day, the first – and still the best known – Latina porn queen, voluptuous Vanessa del Rio, set the standard for female on-camera nastiness.
Few performers to this day can capture the raw animal heat that wafted off the super-sultry half Puerto Rican/half Cuban bombshell. Maybe because this was one smut slut who actually loved her work.
Asked on her Website – http://www.vanessadelrio.com/ – if she enjoyed doing porn, she answered, “Are you serious? Didn’t I look like I was enjoying it, huh? What a dumb question! Twelve years of sucking cock and stretching my mouth til my features were distorted and my eyes rolled back in my head and you ask me if I enjoyed it?”
Even though del Rio retired in the mid-1980s due to her fear of contracting AIDS, she remains immensely popular – a tribute to her trailblazing impact. Of her close to 200 titles, she names as her favorites her very first porno – 1974’s China Doll – plus Filthy Rich, Dracula Exotic, the Dancers, Pink Ladies and Deep Inside Vanessa. She also appeared in such classics as Babylon Pink, Her Name Was Lisa and Devil in Miss Jones 3. Del Rio was – and remains – the embodiment of lust FIND ALL RON VANESSA DEL RIO ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

9. Nina Hartley
Nina Harltey
527 Movies
Nina Hartley, besides possessing what is widely reputed to be the “best ass in porn,” is also one of the industry’s brightest stars.
A nurse by training and porn aficionado by inclination – Nina was greatly turned on by her first viewing, in a Berkeley theater, of Autobiography of a Flea – Hartley was recruited to on-camera sexwork in 1983 by Juliet “Aunt Peg” Anderson for Anderson’s directorial debut, Educating Nina.
Since then, in addition to appearing in over 500 XXX features and winning five AVN Awards, Nina has pursued a successful dancing career; directed the popular Nina Hartley’s Guide series for Adam & Eve Productions; co-created (with Sharon Mitchell) an orientation tape that’s a must-see for incoming porn actresses; been an invited guest at numerous sexuality symposia and on various radio and TV talk shows; and even snagged a key role in the John Holmes-inspired mainstream film, Boogie Nights. If that ain’t impact, we don’t know what is FIND ALL NINA HARTLEY ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

10. Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi
616 Movies
Call him what you will – the Italian Stallion, the 13-inch Corporation or just plain Rocco – but Siffredi is arguably the most popular male performer of all time.
Active since 1987 and showing no signs of slowing down, Siffredi has set new standards for male sexual intensity and pornographic depravity. And the scary thing is, some 14 years after entering the biz, he just keeps getting better (check out his terrifically wanton Animal Trainer line for Evil Angel, for instance).
One of the few – if not the only – male stars who gets billing above the female talent, Siffredi is to adult sales/rentals what Tom Hanks is to Hollywood’s box office – a sure thing. AVN’s Male Performer of the Year in 1992 and 1995, and nominated for that honor again this year, Siffredi will be inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame this month FIND ALL ROCCO MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

11. Janine
506 Movies
Janine, another key porn ambassador in the mainstreaming of adult, is considered by many to be the most beautiful female ever to fuck on camera (even if she worked almost exclusively with women).
With her stunning blonde Southern California look, the former Penthouse Pet is what most people envision when they think of a Vivid Girl. Though she performed with many females on camera, her work with one-time girlfriend Julia Ann made the biggest impression on fans.
Between the ice dildos of Hidden Obsessions and her fetish-laden gyrations as half of Blondage, Janine made girl/girl sex rock. As far as her mainstream acceptance goes, she can be seen in the video and on the CD cover of blink-182’s popular Enema of the State FIND ALL JANINE MOVIES ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

12. Jamie Gillis
Jamie Gillis
172 Movies
Talk about staying power. Gillis, porn’s quintessential pervmeister, has been around since before the invention of the wheel and is still going strong in specialty tapes and non-sex performances. One of adult’s most recognizable faces – as well as one of its finest actors – Gillis is a porn icon and a role model for dirty old (and young men) men everywhere.
His hundreds of titles include such classics as The Opening of Misty Beethoven, The Ecstasy Girls and Slave to Love, in which, in characteristic fashion, playing a priest, he blows his holy seed all over the face of one of his flock after taking her confession. And who says porn is in league with the devil? FIND ALL JAMIE GILLIS ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

13. SEKA
76 Movies
Before other girls known only by one name, there was Seka, the platinum blonde who blazed onto the screen in the late-’70s, made the golden age of the industry shine and was one of the first real superstars of the adult industry who people asked for by name.
Her scenes, particularly with the late John Holmes, burned her into the memory of adult aficionados everywhere, with such titles as Caballero Video’s Swedish Erotica series, and Inside Seka.
The AVN Hall of Famer also stood out in her titles with John Holmes, which includes Bob Chinn’s Blonde Fire and Angel in Mr. Holmes. While most names in adult are forgotten in six months, Seka’s name lives on FIND ALL SEKA ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

14. Sean Michaels
Sean Michaels
711 Movies
Sean Michaels was porn’s first black superstar. He made his mark as a performer in the late ’80s, a time that interracial product was seen as, in his words during an earlier AVN interview, a “fad.”
Since his start, Michaels has appeared in more than 750 titles, and has been unwavering dedication to advancing his multiracial philosophy in the adult industry. Though he is now studio head of SMP International and directs his product, his work as a performer brought him such honors as the 1998 AVN Award for Best Anal Sex Scene — Video for Tushy Heaven and induction into the Hall of Fame

15. Peter North
Peter North
871 Movies
If Peter North were to be found on Jeopardy!, his categories would be “Copious Popshots” and “Immovable Hairdos.”
North is one of the elite members of male talent who has moved from performing to directing to having his own series (North Pole for New Sensations). North entered the adult industry as Matt Ramsey, performing in gay movies.
Once he switched to the straight side he astounded fans with his giant cock and his mind-blowing loads. He remains one of the most recognizable names and faces in the industry. Long may his sperm flow. FIND ALL PETER NORTH ON PORN STAR CLASSICS.COM CLICK HERE

16. Jeanna Fine
Jenna Fine
371 Movies
A beguiling combination of sexual enthusiasm and good looks made Jeanna Fine one of porn’s top performers. She began her career in the mid-’80s, all-natural with short blonde hair, and evolved through the ’90s as a surgically enhanced brunette.
An accomplished actress, Fine won a multitude of AVN Awards, such as the Best Actress – Film Award in 1995 (Skin Hunger) and 1991 for Hothouse Rose. She also took Best Actress – Video Awards in 1998 for Cafe Flesh 2 and 1996 for My Surrender. Add two Best Supporting Actress Awards (in ’97 for Miscreants and ’95 for Dear Diary) and you get some idea of her talent

17. Christy Canyon
Christy Canyon
214 Movies
No doubt about it – Christy Canyon’s big, natural breasts made quite a weighty impact on the porn world. Her luscious twin endowments were a rare commodity in a silicone-obsessed porn marketplace, and fans responded with awestruck ardor. The starlet’s memorable performances include The Coming of Christy, Night of Loving Dangerously, the Dark Brothers’ Black Throat, and many more.
After leaving the business in 1993, she returned in 1995 as one of the original Vivid contract girls, performing in the aptly titled Comeback and others. She retired from porn in 1996. The adult world has yet to see another pair quite like hers

18. Sharon Mitchell
Sharon Mitchell
100 Movies
Sharon Mitchell – she prefers a “Miss” at the front – has a career spanning almost 25 years in the adult video industry, winning AVN’s first Best Actress – Film award in 1983, but perhaps her most important work has been accomplished since she retired from on-camera sex work nearly three years ago. It was Mitchell who, in 1998, worked tirelessly to trace the source of an HIV infection that threatened to sweep through the adult industry, and which could have signaled the end of adult video as we know it. Working at that time under the auspices of Protecting Adult Welfare, Mitchell broke away from that organization and formed the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Foundation, which now performs the majority of the HIV testing in the industry

19. Savannah
70 Movies
Awarded AVN’s Best New Starlet honor in 1992, Savannah gained fame as the archetypal blonde ice-queen of early ’90s porn.
She became notorious for her ill-fated relationships with rock stars (Slash, Gregg Allman) and a difficult reputation within the porn biz. She died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1994; her suicide attracted a storm of controversy from the mainstream media.
She was most recently eulogized in the ballad Savannah: Flights of Ecstasy by Canada’s eminent Black Sabbath rip-off band Sheavy

20. John Leslie
John Lesile
299 Movies
Before he became the world-class director of such steamy fare as Dog Walker, The Voyeur and his Fresh Meat series, John Leslie was known as an able, smooth, woodsman and an actor’s actor whose love for the blues resonated in his performances.
Beginning his career over 25 years ago during the industry’s Golden Age, Leslie starred in Cal Vista/Metro’s Nothing to Hide, which came in second in AVN’s survey of The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes of All Time.
The AVN Hall of Famer’s honors as a performer also include awards for Best Couples Sex Scene — Film, for Cal Vista’s Wild Things in 1986

21. Tom Byron
Tom Byron
1046 Movies
From 1982’s baby-faced newcomer to one of the top performer/directors in the adult industry, Tom Byron is a survivor.
A multiple AVN Award winner, Byron took Best Actor – Video Awards in 1997 (Indigo Delta) and 1991 (Sizzle). He reached his peak in the late ’90s, winning Best Male Performer in 1997 and 1998 and beginning several AVN Award-winning lines for Elegant Angel (such as Cumback Pussy)

22. Asia Carrera
Asia Carrera
752 Movies
Boasting an IQ of over 150 (that’s above genius), Jersey girl Asia Carrera has become one of the most popular porn princesses of all time with her 200-plus performances spanning a seven-year career. Being one of the first porners on the Web (which she says she prefers maintaining to touring) hasn’t hurt matters. The 1994 AVN Performer of the Year and Hall of Famer started her run in the adult business with a one-year contract with Vivid and has built up an enormous fan base by her appearance in video and film features, including Adam & Eve’s A Wolf’s Tail and Sin City’s Evolution

23. Chloe
Chloe is one of the best-liked performers working today… and one of the most sought-after for her unfailingly hot sex scenes.
Chloe followed a not-unfamiliar path into porn: rock groupie who took up adult to support a drug habit; then cleaned up, became a significantly better performer for having done so, eventually became a drug counselor and even learned how to draw blood for HIV tests, which she currently does part-time at AIM. The lithe brunette took up directing about two years ago and had a very successful (if short) run behind the camera with Elegant Angel. She is currently under contract to VCA as both an actress and director. Chloe has won several acting awards, and was named Female Performer of the Year in 1998

24. Ashlyn Gere
Ashlyn Gere
239 Movies
Ashlyn Gere took the backward route into adult video. She started her cinematic career in the late ’80s with a series of low-budget sci-fi/horror flicks, then burst onto the porn scene with blockbuster hits like Bush Pilots for VCA, Secrets for director Andrew Blake, and her own highly innovative production, Realities, for Zane Entertainment. After a career that spanned nearly a decade during which she garnered seven AVN Awards as well as being named Female Performer of the Year for 1992, Gere went back to Hollywood for TV roles in The X-Files, Millennium, and as a continuing character on the short-lived Space: Above and Beyond. But Gere found it difficult to get continuous work in mainstream, and returned to porn briefly in the late ’90s

25. Houston
97 Movies
With the possible exception of Jenna Jameson, is there a contemporary female performer with higher mainstream visibility than Houston?
From her frequent appearances on the Howard Stern show to the auction of her labia to the publicity generated from her immensely popular Houston 620 gangbang tape – 1999’s best-selling tape – Metro contract girl Houston has become a genuine cross-over cultural icon.
She’s also gorgeous or hideous, depending on one’s feelings about the aesthetics of massive amounts of cosmetic surgery. Catch her in such other titles as Fade to Blue, Buried Alive Bukkake and Flesh Peddlers 2 & 9

26. Ed Powers
Ed Powers
802 Movies
With over 500 titles under his belt, porn Everyman Ed Powers is frequently the first on-camera dick that aspiring starlets suck and fuck.
One of the more prolific performers in the business, Powers has garnered awards for Best Pro-Am Tape in 1997, 1995, 1993 and 1990 for his Dirty Debutantes line, which he stars in and directs. Because of his work and his impact on the gonzo movement in the adult industry it’s difficult to separate Powers, the performer, from Powers, the director, from his early forays with Bus Stop Tales to the latest Debutantes. Thought many have tried, Powers’ brand of pro-am porno verite remains the most identifiable in the business.
He’s also an AVN Hall of Fame member and has probably influenced countless porn studs to enter the biz. After all, they figure, if Ed can do it, so can they

27. Annie Sprinkle
Annie Sprinkle
27 Movies
“I’ve been exploited by pornography,” Annie Sprinkle told the Meese Commission in 1986, “but mostly I exploited pornography, and it paid my bills for many years.” With more than 50 XXX movies to her credit, that’s a fair assessment – but Annie has long been much more than an adult performer.
On gatesofheck.com, she describes herself as a “prostitute/porn star turned sex guru/performance activist,” and that sums up her public life pretty well. Dr. Sprinkle(!) is currently teaching a course at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Diego, in preparation for her second doctorate, this time in Sexology.

28. Max Hardcore
256 Movies
ll hail the performer/director responsible for adding “cocksocket” to the porn lexicon.
With his penchant for young-looking girls wearing pigtails, bobby sox and high heels – not to mention his emphasis on hard-driving anal sex – Hardcore continues to live up to his name.
He’s worked for several companies in the industry; most notably Zane Entertainment, for whom he created the controversial Cherry Poppers and Hardcore Schoolgirls series. He moved over to Legend, changed Hardcore Schoolgirls to Hardcore Jr. College Schoolgirls, and now works for Elite Multimedia

29. Randy West
Randy West
672 Movies
Randy West has performed in over one thousand videos and has introduced countless female performers to adult audiences.
When Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick made some of their first video appearances, West’s Up and Cummers series was where they emerged. When it was time for Ashlyn Gere to do her first scene, she did it with West. West is a great actor known for his poise and humor, and women love both performing with him and watching him. However, West and his eye for girls that are destined to make a difference in adult have made his impact on porn undeniable

30. Veronica Hart
Veronica Hart
99 Movies
It may seem strange that Veronica Hart has more non-sex roles in adult movies to her credit (about a hundred, by her count) than hardcore (about 45), but it’s not like she hasn’t been busy over her 20 years in and out of porn.
A favorite of director Cecil Howard (for whom she did Foxtrot and Neon Nights) in the early ’80s, she was described by Internet reviewer Imperator as “perhaps the finest [actress] we’ve seen in porn” for her role in Robert McCallum’s Amanda By Night. Hart has also had a reasonably successful career in R-rated movies such as Ruby (opposite Danny Aiello) and Boogie Nights

31. Tera Patrick
Tera Patrick
191 Movies
Tera Patrick has achieved immense popularity in a very short time. The long, tall exotic brunette beauty started in adult in 1999, first doing solo scenes before moving to b/g scenes for such series as The Video Adventures of Peeping Tom and PickUp Lines.
She has won an unprecedented seven awards as best newcomer in adult, including a 2000 AVN Award for Best New Starlet. She is host for Playboy TV’s Nightcalls 411 and hosts The Tera Show, a twice-monthly Internet show. Her most recent adult projects for Digital Playground are Island Fever, released in May 2001, and the newly released Forbidden Tales

32. Jill Kelly
Jill Kelly
709 Movies
Before Jill Kelly started her own production company, the blonde-haired beauty built her name as a performer with over 400 titles in which she gave such ball-draining performances as 1995’s Takin’ It To the Limit 6 – which won AVN’s Best All-Girl Sex Scene -Video – and Dreams of Desire, which took Best All-Girl Sex Scene – Film the following year. Despite the suicide of her estranged husband, performer Cal Jammer, on her doorstep, Kelly has proven herself as a survivor, and preserved to accolades and fame.
One of the most enduring of all porn princesses, Kelly built her self-titled production company on her own massive popularity with the fans

33. Joey Silvera
Joey Silvera
567 Movies
Most New School porn fans know Joey Silvera as the award-winning director of such stellar gonzo fare as his Please! line for Evil Angel. But before he started working behind the camera, Silvera, beginning way back in the pre-Golden Age, was an award-winning performer in front of the camera.
The sheer number of his performing credits – close to 1,200 titles from 1974 until the present – qualify him for this list. He’s worked with practically everyone — from Annette Haven to Jewel De’Nyle – has picked up his share of performing awards – including Best Supporting Actor – Film for Evil Angel’s Face Dance Parts I & II in 1992 – and is a member of AVN’s Hall of Fame. To this day, Silvera makes the occasional on-camera appearance, showing he’s still a performer at heart

34. Taylor Hayes
Taylor Hayes
418 Movies
Taylor Hayes’ reputation when she first entered the industry in 1995 might charitably be described as “flighty,” but within a few months, the busty brunette had settled into an steady relationship with Seymore Butts both on and off camera, and beginning with Seymore’s Pool Party 2, really began to strut some serious stuff on camera.
The pair parted company after about 18 months, but Taylor’s star was on the rise and she soon signed on as a Vivid girl, a move that guaranteed her meaty roles in features with complicated storylines and big budgets. She stood out as the college student turned hooker in Masseuse 3, winning the Best Group Scene award for that film in 1998, then moved up to sharing the Best Actress – Film award at the 2001 AVN Award show, and has several nominations going into the 2002 show. Taylor is an excellent example of hard work paying off

35. Juli Ashton
Juli Ashton
182 Movies
VCA’s first contract girl and the co-host of Playboy TV’s Night Calls Live, this beautiful former school teacher entered the biz in 1994 and immediately made a splash with such titles as New Wave Hookers 4 and Devil in Miss Jones 5.
In addition to her VCA titles, her body of work includes over 85 video appearances for companies such as Rosebud, Adam & Eve and Wicked.
In 1996, she won Best Supporting Actress — Video in 1996 for VCA’s Head Trip. Her other notable titles include Deep Inside Juli Ashton, Essentially Juli, Devil in Miss Jones 6, Dinner Party and Every Woman Has a Fantasy 3.
Few other actresses have had the staying power and are as instantly identifiable as Ashton

36. Serenity
201 Movies
“I never decided to become a porn performer,” says Serenity, one of adult’s finest comedic actresses (who won unprecedented back-to-back acting awards in 2000 and 2001 for her lead roles in Double Feature! and M Caught in the Act) and one of the biz’s most mainstream-friendly stars. “It was an accident. I don’t regret one moment of it.”
Trained as a ballet dancer, Serenity started stripping to make some additional money, coming to L.A. to do some still shoots in order to become a feature. Her first video was Jennifer Ate, in 1993. She was working independently, just doing girl/girl, before signing with Wicked. It was under that contract that she started doing b/g scenes, first in The Temptation of Serenity. She has appeared in 35 titles to date with Wicked. Branching out from adult, she has done 24 Wild On… shows for E! Entertainment Television and started her toy company Las Vegas Novelties two years ago

37. Heather Hunter
Heather Hunter
211 Movies
Heather Hunter was Vivid’s first African-American contract girl and though she retired a few years ago, she remains one of the most popular ethnic performers of all time.
Entering the business in 1988, Hunter was known for her intense girl/girl scene and her hot and nasty boy/girl. Never apologetic about her scenes and always stressing quality over quantity, Hunter’s credits as a performer number at about 60, mostly for Vivid, including Cream On, Dear John, Bad Girls 10, Boss’ Wife, Hawaiian Blast and Heather Hunted.
Hunter has also enjoyed some mainstream success, releasing a single with Island Records, “I Want It All Night Long,” and has been featured as a dancer on Soul Train

38. Kylie Ireland
Kylie Ireland
533 Movies
A college journalism major, Kylie took a job dancing at a Denver-area topless bar to help pay her school expenses. She was invited to New York to do a magazine layout, and while in New York somebody asked her if she wanted to do an adult movie. “I figured I’d do one or two movies and then just go home and pick up where I left off,” she recalls. “Boy was I wrong!”
She won AVN Best New Starlet in 1994. In 1997 she got an exclusive contract with VCA Pictures, and became the company’s publicist in March 1999. In July of 2000 she was released from her VCA contract, and has been freelancing ever since.
The brunette beauty has also had a high mainstream profile, appearing in HBO’s Tales From the Crypt and Real Sex series and the movie Strange Days

39. Alisha Klass
Alisha Klass
53 Movies
She was labeled as “the girl next door who loves anal sex.” Gorgeous, all-natural brunette Alisha Klass was AVN’s 1998’s Best New Starlet and one of FETISH magazine’s most stunning cover girls.
Klass brought her fresh-faced smiling enthusiasm, scalding, down-and-dirty performing skills and elastic asshole to the Seymore Butts line before leaving the dirty river of porn for the cleaner stream of main; she was featured in the mainstream film Center of the World in 2000.
She’s also extremely outspoken; sometimes to a scandalous point, as when she went off into long, inappropriate speeches onstage the year she hosted the AVN Awards show. The following year, she appeared on stage with – appropriately enough – a ball gag securely in place

40. Annabel Chong
Annabel Chong
40 Movies
The original mega-gangbang queen. Chong took on a purported 251 guys in The World’s Biggest Gangbang – despite much disapproval from her fellow adult industry performers. She was quite intelligent and willing to perform in extreme-themed vids, doing anals and double penetrations with ease.
She made a number of movies, mainly for John T. Bone, before departing for parts unknown. She returned in the late ’90s to help her director friend David Aaron Clark out by filling in at the last minute for a no-show performer.
The video was titled Poison Candy (Heatwave Entertainment) and may be her last sex role to date. She was also the subject of a mainstream documentary, Sex: The Annabel Chong Story

41. Harry Reems
Harry Reems
44 Movies
Reems, the male lead in Deep Throat opposite Linda Lovelace, had a relatively long career in XXX, starring in nearly 100 films with many of early porn’s finest leading ladies.
He was, for instance, Georgina Spelvin’s guide through Hell in The Devil In Miss Jones, worked with Ginger Lynn and Traci Lords in The Grafenberg Spot, Memories Within Miss Aggie with Darby Lloyd Rains and won AVN’s Best Actor – Film award in 1985 for Trashy Lady.
Reems retired in the mid-’80s, shunned any current connection to the industry and now reportedly sells real estate in Utah

42. Georgina Spelvin
Georgina Spelvin
29 Movies
In a sense, the same thing that’s often said about Ron Jeremy can be applied to Georgina Spelvin: Her “Plain Jane” looks gave hope of sexual fulfillment to a generation of undistinguished women.
Georgina wasn’t a raving beauty, but from her debut as the star of The Devil In Miss Jones, audiences – yes, they had XXX theaters back then – returned again and again to see her stunning sexual performance.
The sight of her masturbating furiously in her all-white cell in hell is one that will remain fixed in many porn fans’ memories forever

43. Shanna McCullough
Shannon Mc Cullough
219 Movies
Shanna McCullough, one of adult’s most enduring female performers with hundreds of titles to her name since her 1983 debut, is both a hot sexual performer, and with her background in community theater, a fine actress to boot.
One of her triumphs was acting and singing the lead in 1989’s My Bare Lady, but long-time fans remember her hot performances in such near-classics as Night Moves, L’Amour, Babylon Pink II & III and Behind Blue Eyes II. Shanna has won Best Actress awards for Hands Off (1987), Looker (1998), and Best Supporting Actress for Bobby Sox (1996) and Double Feature! (1999)

44. Jasmine St. Claire
Jasime St Claire
98 Movies
The second mega-gangbang queen/John T. Bone protege. Jasmine St. Clair was primarily known for her polarizing, uncompromising attitude, take-no-prisoners sexual performances (pornography, she once said, means fucking anyone, anytime) and multiple bouts of plastic surgery.
After an acrimonious departure from the industry, the exotic brunette beauty recently returned to perform in her “last” movie – Bacchanal (Robert Hill Releasing). Her other titles include World’s Biggest Gang Bang 2, A Bang in the Park and Jasmin’s Final Bang.
Love her or hate her, there is only one Jasmine

45. Gloria Leonard
Gloria Lennord
25 Movies
Gloria Leonard recently quipped that she has implants older than some of the industry’s current female performers.
From performing in such classics as The Opening of Misty Beethoven, to her 14-year stint as publisher of High Society (during which time she pioneered a little marketing concept called phone sex), to serving as president of the Free Speech Coalition and directing adult videos for Vivid, Leonard has undeniably been one of the most influential forces in the business

46. Hershel Savage
Herschel Savage
618 Movies
magine an adult industry without Herschel Savage – who would take on all those lecherous stepfather and mobster roles?
Savage is another ’80s performer who returned in the ’90s. Acting ability and survival skill puts Savage on our list. You always know you’re watching one of his scenes for two reasons: his olive-skinned, freckled penis, and his habit of moaning a New York-accented “Yeah, baby,” throughout the duration

47. Shane
84 Movies
Shane may be best remembered for her ever-present toothy grin – well, and perhaps her enormous surgically enhanced breasts – but her career path in porn was nothing short of meteoric. From her first masturbation scene in 1993’s Seymore Butts and His Mystery Girl – she was the original “Tushy Girl” – Shane has appeared in nearly 100 adult videos.
She also produced, co-directed and appeared abundantly in her own series, Shane’s World and Slumber Party, and in 1988, she was presented with the Reuben Sturman Memorial Award

48. Teri Weigel
Terri Wigel
146 Movies
From Playboy’s Miss April 1986 to host of AVN’s 2002 Awards Show, Teri Weigel took an unorthodox road into adult.
After making appearances in over 45 mainstream films, plus television shows like Married… with Children, she made her first adult film in 1991 and has been active on the adult side ever since, performing in films and videos and dancing on the road. She’s currently under a 12-picture contract with K-Beech and is still the only one of the over 500 Playboy Playmates to do hardcore porn. God bless her…

49. Chasey Lane
Chasey Lane
298 Movies
Originally from North Carolina, Chasey Lain was working as a dancer when she was advised by Alexis De Vell to go to L.A. She was signed by Wicked Pictures to an exclusive contract, the first in Wicked’s history, and was nominated for Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards.
Upon completion of her Wicked contract she signed with Vivid, where she appeared in Lethal Affairs and White Wedding. Her mainstream credits include the movie Orgazmo and the music video for Everclear’s cover of The Boys Are Back In Town. Her most recent video is the 2001 release Chasin’ Pink 5

50. Pamela Anderson
Pam Anderson
1 Movie
Okay, they weren’t actually porn industry stars, but they were very attractive media stars and they brought hardcore to the mainstream like no others. Their honeymoon sex tape sold exceptionally well; Pam and Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored won AVN Awards for Best Renting and Best Selling Tape in 1998. Lee and Anderson are no longer a couple, but Anderson’s been seen in videotaped sexual escapades with Poison singer Brett Michaels. One has to wonder whether her current relationship with Kid Rock will be documented on videotape as well….

The two places to find everyone above movies and work is PORNSTARCLASSICS.com and CABALLEROCLASSICS.com

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